Telephony for Larger Enterprises

Where clients have more complex needs a local PBX can be deployed. That’s not to say that this means you won’t still be able to take advantage of VOIP pricing but there are several reasons why one might take this approach:

  • In some locations Internet is not fast enough or cost effective yet. By installing a local IP based system one can still benefit from all the features Voicelinx has to offer.
  • In other cases where there are a large number of concurrent calls, better phone quality can be achieved by using IAX trunks. These have better data compression and can only be achieved by putting a telephone server (or PBX) onsite.
  • It’s possible to combine traditional copper based telephony with IP technology by terminating ISDN and PSTN in the PBX. You can then use a combination of technologies to provide greater resilience and better functionality, all at a fraction of the cost.
  • May of our clients are call centres and require custom applications such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or Campaign management software to run locally whilst interacting with the phone system.

Voicelinx have years of experience implementing onsite custom solutions and can help you take your enterprise to a new level in business communication.

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