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The way we do business has changed, so many people are working remotely and at different hours.

Voicelinx makes it easier and more efficient than ever before to help your team work efficiently and get great results.

You’ll find a great telephone solution through our professional platform that includes cloud-based calling, conference room features, easy call routing between users, call recording for security and monitoring when needed, automated menus (e.g. “press 1 for Operator”). It is so easy and flexible to use that you will never miss a call again! Voicelinx is the cutting-edge solution to help your remote team work more closely.


Your number is important for instilling confidence in customer,. There are new numbers available through your Voicelinx account, including UK geographic numbers (0203 Numbers for London, 0151 for Liverpool, 0161 for Manchester etc.), non-geographic numbers (0845,0800 etc..) and international numbers. These are all priced competitively and we can also port your existing numbers into the system.


Voicelinx can help you, wherever your team are based. The platform seamlessly routes calls so that you never miss a customer, and its automated call menus and call routing (eg ‘press 1 for reception, press 2 for sales) help you provide excellent customer service. If you have a large organisation that needs a customised telephone system or you want to contact Voicelinx to discuss any other needs please use the form below for Sales or technical Support.


We offer live chat with real people! We are here to help. If you have a large organisation that needs a customised telephone system or you want to contact Voicelinx to discuss any other needs please use the form below for Sales or Technical Support.


Once you sign up and order your telephone system you can begin set-up, make and receive calls in no time at all. Your Voicelinx system will start working right away, and we’ll help you with any questions along the way.


Voicelinx is an excellent way to bring your staff together and also to monitor your staff’s activity for quality control and ongoing improvement. The system has an in-built conference room that only cost a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Voicelinx recording also helps with MiFID compliance.


Voicelinx grew from a company that has spent over 10 years offering support and consultancy to build and maintain business data networks. We will understand telephone systems delivered to your office building, but because of our background we understand data networks and the businesses within too.
Voicelinx helping businesses communicate, survive and thrive in Covid times.


CRM integration allows a company to work quicker and relate their customer phone interactions with their preferred CRM software. These include Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, and Zendesk amongst other.
Being integrated means that;

  • Your users can call from within the database record
  • The record can screen pop so that your staff can see the customers details instantly
  • Call records are added to the customer and this can even include the call recording.

Case Studies

When Tough Mudder set up the London office, Voicelinx deployed a fully functioning phone system including voicemail to e-mail and conferencing within a day of Internet becoming available. We have 31 extensions in our London office. One of the major benefits of using Voicelinx is their personal attention and in depth knowledge this led to us installing a Polycom IP7000 conference phone which allows us to join skype calls into our regular conference calls.

- Yvonne Muller.
EA to Europe Vice President, Tough Mudder

AIA, the leading international service provider in cargo management, has 18 employees in four geographical locations. The requirement was for a flexible telephony solution at an affordable price, to be implemented within short period of time. The requirement for 20 DDIs (Direct Dial Inwards numbers) lent itself to VoIP with an IAX trunk. Voicelinx perfectly integrated four of our offices to use ‘one’ phone system, which made it very much cost effective.

Mark Andrew
General Manager Europe, AIA Cargo

We have been using Voicelinx phone systems for over 5 years, across 3 different office locations, with over 100 extensions at times. The ease with which our telephony can be moved, expanded and contracted has been of great benefit to us. We also use Voicelinx for a disaster recovery solution – should our offices become unavailable for any reason.

- Louise Stone
Executive Co-ordinator, Find a Future