Voicelinx Launches New Web sign-up for business

Website allows businesses to instantly sign up to a hosted telephone platform. System available immediately for calls.

New working phones arrive the next day.

London -Voicelinx announces today the official launch of www.voicelinx.com, a website that allows a business to sign up to their own Cloud-Hosted telephone system.

For the first time Users are able to purchase phones and order extensions that will work already on a Voicelinx cloud-hosted telephone account.

The system will be instantly available for use with existing handsets and soft-phones and self-configuring handsets can be delivered the very next day.

In addition to the line-rental and call-cost savings that VoIP telephony provides, Business users will enjoy all of the same advanced features as existing Voicelinx users, including:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Call Recording
  • Voice Menus and
  • the ability to choose international and local inbound numbers
  • and many more features.

The only pre-requirement is a good internet connection. Internet connections have opened the possibilities for innovative new ways of providing Voice applications.

The Voicelinx hosted platform was created in 2012 to enable businesses and their IT departments to take greater advantage of ever-decreasing prices of high quality internet connections and installation subsidies such as the government funded Connection Vouchers scheme. These factors have combined to make the cost of running telephone connections through an internet connection, significantly cheaper than traditional analogue or ISDN alternatives.

Stephen Shenkin, Voicelinx Managing Director, plans to make Voicelinx easily available to all that need it. “Businesses can significantly reduce their telecom spend, make their businesses available and flexible, scaling up and down as they need and now they can do this without the delay of ordering lines.”

About Voicelinx. Voicelinx developed a specialism particularly for the Call Centre market, an industry that is required to scale up and down as marketing campaigns start or stop. As it became clear that other businesses needed the same speed of deployment and desired the same advanced functions Voicelinx widened its appeal.

Its strategy and product development have been in response to the widespread increase in affordable high speed internet available to businesses in the UK.

Voicelinx launch self-sign up

Voicelinx has launched an online sign-up wizard to enable clients to join-up, order phones to arrive the next day.
Clients can configure the phones just as they want them online, so that when they are taken out of the box and plugged in they will set themselves up and register to begin making calls immediately.

Essentially any business that has a broadband internet connection can order a fully working office telephone system the very next day.

Stephen Shenkin, Managing Director of Voicelinx, said

“We’re very proud to consistently offer ground-breaking new services to our clients, and the new self-sign up system helps us offer the same great value service to our new and existing clients with fantastic feature-rich offering, but at a speed to deployment that is unrivalled”.

The Voicelinx website now offers businesses an alternative to the often criticised slow and expensive line installations offered by traditional telecoms providers.

A company moving into a brand new office with no telephone system could create a fully functioning office within a day or less of deciding to do so. All that is needed is a good internet connection.

Case Studies

When Tough Mudder set up the London office, Voicelinx deployed a fully functioning phone system including voicemail to e-mail and conferencing within a day of Internet becoming available. We have 31 extensions in our London office. One of the major benefits of using Voicelinx is their personal attention and in depth knowledge this led to us installing a Polycom IP7000 conference phone which allows us to join skype calls into our regular conference calls.

Yvonne Muller
EA to Europe Vice President, Tough Mudder

AIA, the leading international service provider in cargo management, has 18 employees in four geographical locations. The requirement was for a flexible telephony solution at an affordable price, to be implemented within short period of time. The requirement for 20 DDIs (Direct Dial Inwards numbers) lent itself to VoIP with an IAX trunk. Voicelinx perfectly integrated four of our offices to use ‘one’ phone system, which made it very much cost effective.

Mark Andrew
General Manager Europe, AIA Cargo

Find a Future is an organisation which brings together the nation’s flagship skills and careers experiences: WorldSkillsUK Skills Competitions, The Skills Show, and The Skills Show Experience, to provide every young person with the chance to unlock their potential and get excited about the world of work. We have been using Voicelinx phone systems for over 5 years, across 3 different office locations, with over 100 extensions at times. The ease with which our telephony can be moved, expanded and contracted has been of great benefit to us. We also use Voicelinx for a disaster recovery solution – should our offices become unavailable for any reason.

Louise Stone
Executive Co-ordinator, Find a Future