Voicelinx launch self-sign up

By: voicelinx|November 24, 2014| News

Voicelinx has launched an online sign-up wizard to enable clients to join-up, order phones to arrive the next day.
Clients can configure the phones just as they want them online, so that when they are taken out of the box and plugged in they will set themselves up and register to begin making calls immediately.

Essentially any business that has a broadband internet connection can order a fully working office telephone system the very next day.

Stephen Shenkin, Managing Director of Voicelinx, said

“We’re very proud to consistently offer ground-breaking new services to our clients, and the new self-sign up system helps us offer the same great value service to our new and existing clients with fantastic feature-rich offering, but at a speed to deployment that is unrivalled”.

The Voicelinx website now offers businesses an alternative to the often criticised slow and expensive line installations offered by traditional telecoms providers.

A company moving into a brand new office with no telephone system could create a fully functioning office within a day or less of deciding to do so. All that is needed is a good internet connection.

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