Voicelinx targets resellers and White Label partners in telco channel drive

By: Admin|January 13, 2015| News

Opportunity for traditional telcos to break out of ISDN, analogue and onsite PBX solutions to take the VoIP providers head-on

Voicelinx is targeting both resellers and other telecoms solutions providers looking for a cloud hosted telephone system for businesses. With many traditional telcos still selling ISDN, analogue and onsite PBX solutions facing increased competition from VoIP providers Voicelinx can offer a ready made White Label solution.

The Voicelinx hosted platform was created in 2012 to enable businesses and their IT departments to take greater advantage of ever-decreasing prices of high quality internet connections and installation subsidies, such as the government funded Connection Vouchers scheme. These factors have combined to make the cost of running telephone connections through an Internet connection significantly cheaper than traditional analogue or ISDN alternatives.

Against the backdrop of ever more affordable high speed Internet access, the traditional telco reseller can now no longer depend on client concerns over call quality, Internet reliability and limited bandwidth. The Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt method of selling is no longer pertinent and if they do not start to offer VoIP within their portfolio then they will face the very real threat of a decreasing client base,” stated Stephen Shenkin, Voicelinx Managing Director.

“As a result we are now actively looking for those telco resellers looking to add to their existing portfolio of solutions under a White Label agreement. With many traditional telecoms providers still offering ISDN, analogue and PBX solutions because of the cost and expertise of developing a bespoke hosted VoIP platform, we can offer them a tried and tested solution that can be White Labeled. For potential partners the benefits are clear; not only will they be able to extend their offering to market, and therefore increase the potential customer base, they will also be able to take advantage of increased margins and additional monthly revenue streams.

“With the Government currently offering up to £3,000 in its Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme across 22 cities in the UK, the market opportunity for telco partners – working either as a reseller of Voicelinx or as a White Label offering – is potentially huge. Now is the time for those traditional telecoms companies to extend their market proposition, ensuring greater customer satisfaction and increase margin and, as a result, income,” he added.

Voicelinx is a VoIP-based telephone service that enables users to make free, or very low cost, telephone calls to any telephone in the world through their Internet connection, regardless what telephone or provider the person they are calling uses, or where they are.

The Voicelinx solution offers a range of Cloud Hosted telephony services including:

  • Hosted PBX
  • Onsite PBX
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Sip and IAX trunks
  • Call centres

In addition to the line rental and call cost savings that VoIP telephony provides, resellers and White Label partners can offer their users all of the same advanced features as existing direct Voicelinx users, including:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Call recording
  • Voice menus
  • The ability to choose international and local inbound numbers
  • and many more features


About Voicelinx
Voicelinx developed a specialism particularly for the Call Centre market, an industry that is required to scale up and down as marketing campaigns start or stop. As it became clear that other businesses needed the same speed of deployment and desired the same advanced functions Voicelinx widened its appeal.

Its strategy and product development have been in response to the widespread increase in affordable high speed internet available to businesses in the UK.

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